Burning Angel – Taurus On Set

Taurus On Set
Site: Burning Angel,
Starring: Taurus, Chad Alva,
Release date: July 11, 2015


There’s no such thing as private masturbation on my sets. No apologizing for diddling oneself here – we’re all naked and running around covered in cum with each other anyway. But sometimes magic happens, and sometimes that magic is simply Taurus being in the living room as her horny, slutty self, using three fingers to fondle her pussy on casual exhibition to my camera guy in preparation to get fucked by Chad Alva. She was so pumped slurp down his cock and shove his face in her ass because of her addiction to bass players. Chad fucked Taurus so hard and intensely on the couch that her purple hair dye stained it – really tied the room together.

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Taurus On Set
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