Faith (Faith’s 2nd Gloryhole Visit / 21. 8.2015)

Faith in Faith (Faith's 2nd Gloryhole Visit / 21. 8.2015) - GloryholeSwallow

I’ve been holding on to this video for awhile now but I was looking forward to the day I would release it. Faith is an awesome girl and a lot of fun to take to the Gloryhole. She’s super sexy redhead that loves playing with cocks. Her favorite thing to do is give guys what she calls a “tongue bath”. She tells the guy to lay back and relax every muscle in his body while she thoroughly licks and sucks his cock. From what she says, it’s the most intense orgasm a guy can have.

Download The video:

1920x1080 | 4.03 GiB | 01:09:11 | mp4