Hands On Hardcore – Sperm Man Forever – Superhero Fucks Lonesome Wife

Sperm Man Forever - Superhero Fucks Lonesome Wife
Site: Hands On Hardcore,
Starring: Kitana Lure
Release date: Aug 11, 2015


Kitana Lure is super horny. She hasnt been fucked in a while and her husband seems to be the busiest man in the universe. Even when she walks down the stairway to seduce him with her nylon stockings and lingerie, high heels and flirty looks, he tells her to leave him alone, so he can get his work done. The brunette Russian babe looks stunning, and no one out there could resist her enhanced tits, curvy ass and glamour body, especially when she starts fingering her tight asshole in front of her husband and playing with her hard nipples. In the meantime, Sperm Man, played by Marco Martinez, receives an email cry for help. Turns out, Kitanas husband is not just a nerd but also a loving and caring man who doesnt want his wifes pussy to dry out while he takes care of business. The Lure twat gets wet the second the superhero stud shows up at the scene. She interviews him about his superpowers and cant wait to get banged by his hard cock. She starts him off with a handjob before taking his super-cock deep throat. Sperm Man returns the favor by licking her shaved pussy before cramming her quim with his super rod. He bangs her doggy style and she rides him like a cowgirl. Time to reveal his true superpowers: ass fucking! He inserts his hard dick deep into her rosebud and makes her ass gape whenever he unplugs his heroic super dong. To finally fulfill his duty, Sperm Man makes her orgasm and then blows his super sperm all over her. She enjoys that cum in her mouth and cant wait for her husband to be busy again

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Sperm Man Forever - Superhero Fucks Lonesome Wife
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