Larkin Love, Seth Gamble – Pathfinder

Larkin Love and Seth Gamble in Larkin Love, Seth Gamble - Pathfinder - Burningangel

Nerdy slut Larkin Love enjoys helping noobs build characters for RPG campaigns… and Seth Gamble basically wanted to be Legolas. Larkin was turned on at the idea of his arrow nailing her right in the pussy, so she excused herself to the bathroom to masturbate while he wrote a backstory. If Seth’s Elf character was going to be OK with Larkin, a half-elf, they would have to figure out how to get along. It all started with Larkin gagging down his cock, bouncing her dope half-elf titties, and Seth’s tongue lapping at her cunt. Get the D10 and roll for initiative – there’s impaling to be had (we’ll need a D20 for that)!

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