Mr Pov – Skye West in Mr Pov

Skye West in Mr Pov
Site: Mr Pov,
Starring: Skye West
Release date: Aug 05, 2015


If you haven’t already fallen for Skye West, you’re about to. She’s one of the coolest girlfriends you’re about to have! How so? Well, she’s about ready to leave for month of travel, and she’s going to let you film your most intimate moments with her, just so you’ll have a keepsake — so to speak — while she’s on the road. Skye’s a “spinner”, and if you know Hooker Speak, you’ll know that means she’s tiny. Unlike most spinners, though, she’s busty. Her mouth is inviting, warm, and always willing. And being as tiny as she is, Skye’s cunt is as tight as a vise. So hold off, brother. You don’t need no premature ejaculations today! Pace yourself, cause you’re in for one wild ride. And thanks to Skye’s generosity, it’s one you can relive…over and over.

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Skye West in Mr Pov
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