Tricky Spa – A Question Of Terms

A Question Of Terms
Site: Tricky Spa,
Starring: Destiny Dixon, Eric Masterson,
Release date: July 08, 2015


Handy man Eric Masterson finishes a job for his client Destiny Dixon. Making sure he was all ready and set to leave, Eric speaks to Destiny about the bill for services rendered. Destiny, under the impression that she didn’t have to pay right away, assumed Eric would send her an invoice. Eric was not happy with this and was ready to call the cops. Destiny was now in a huge predicament and needed to think fast before she would end up in serious trouble. The only way she could get out of this would be to persuade Eric with a nice rubdown and convince him to postpone the bill. Eric was hesitant at first but with Destiny’s big breasts and silky long legs, how can he not take up such an offer for restitution?

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A Question Of Terms
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